Clear Bluetooth pairing list Clear Bluetooth pairing list

Clear Bluetooth pairing list

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Clearing Enophone’s pairing list allows you to delete the memory of any paired devices from Enophone. This will effectively revert Enophone to its factory settings. This can be an effective strategy if you encounter any issues with your Enophone.

How to clear your pairing list

Follow these simple steps to clear your list!

  1. Power on Enophone

Press and hold the centre button [ o ] for 2 seconds until you hear “power on”.

  1. Keep the device in standby mode

In order to clear the pairing list, the device must be in standby mode. The device is in standby by default when it’s disconnected from all devices, or when it’s connected but no music is playing.

  1. Clear the pairing list

Press and hold both the - and + button on your Enophone for 3 seconds until you hear “Bluetooth device list cleared”. The device will automatically enter pairing mode once complete, and the Bluetooth LED will flash between blue and white.


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