How to install Enophone sensors How to install Enophone sensors

How to install Enophone sensors

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Enophone’s top sensors are located in the accessories box in Enophones packaging. The top sensors should be installed to enable full functionality. 

The following process applies to both the side sensors and top sensors. 

  1. Power off Enophone

  • Press and hold the middle button for 3 seconds until you hear “power off”.
  1. Align the sensor with the socket

  • Place the sensor's button connector against the appropriate socket.
  • Note: all sensors are compatible with both the left and right side of the headphones. It’s crucial that the flat sensors be used on the earcups, and the legged sensors be used on the top-band.
  1. Push firmly to connect the sensor in the socket

  • You should hear and feel a distinct click when the sensor is properly aligned. If the sensor is seated properly, it should not remove from the socket. It is alright if the sensor wiggles slightly in the socket.

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