How to wear Enophones properly How to wear Enophones properly

How to wear Enophones properly

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Wearing your Enophone correctly will ensure you are comfortable, while also improving the contact quality of the sensors. Follow these steps to improve Enophone's sensor contact and maintain a consistent green status indicator. 

How to wear Enophones

  1. Identify the left and right earcup

Inside each earcup you will see either an L or R (Left or Right). You can also see this inside the slider clip, just above the earcups.

Wearing Enophone correctly will make it comfier for you, and will ensure the sensors work properly.

  1. Adjust the length of the arm band sliders

You should adjust the sliders so that your whole ear fits comfortably inside each earcup when wearing your Enophone. Your ear should be centered inside the ear cup, and the left and right sliders should be roughly the same length. 

  1. Gently lower Enophone onto your head

Holding Enophone with two hands, gently lower Enophone onto your head until you feel the two top sensors touch your scalp.

When wearing your Enophone, the upper band and sensors should rest upon the highest point of your head. Don't worry if they are placed slightly forwards or backwards - comfort it the highest priority. 

  1. Place the side sensors directly on your skin 

The two side sensors should gently rest on the skin of the mastoid bone directly in front of your ear. Ensure that the sensor makes direct contact with your skin, by tucking long hair behind the earcup and by brushing away any hair from your sideburns. 

  1. Gently wiggle your Enophone forwards and backwards

To function, Enophone’s sensors must make direct contact with the scalp. With thicker hair, we suggest you hold the top-band and gently wiggle your Enophone back and forth.

It is normal to feel a slight pressure from the sensors, which should subside after a few minutes. If at any point the sensors become uncomfortable, remove Enophone and readjust the position. 


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