How to remove Enophone sensors How to remove Enophone sensors

How to remove Enophone sensors

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Enophones top and side sensors may be removed in order to replace them. If you notice significant discoloration of the sensors in the areas where they touch your head, the sensors should be replaced.

Please note, we recommend keeping the sensors installed at all times, as frequent removal of the sensors may corrode the connector and risks reducing the lifespan of the product and may compromise the quality of the recordings.

Eno is not liable for any damage to Enophone that results from removal or installation of the sensors. If you’re unsure about the process, please contact for support.

How to remove Enophone sensors

The following process may be used for both the side sensors and top sensors.

  1. Power off Enophone

  • Press and hold the middle button for 3 seconds until you hear “power off”.
  1. Find a thin, flat, plastic tool

  • Removing the sensors will require a thin, flat tool that can be inserted underneath the sensor. A credit card, plastic spoon, or knife will work well. Avoid metal tool, as they risks scratching or damaging the product.
  1. Insert the tool under the sensor

  • The sensor uses a snap button connector, which will pop out once lifted. Gently insert the flat tool underneath the base of the sensor.
  • Note: the sensor refers to the gold-plated metal component. Under no circumstances should the plastic casing, fabric, the connector socket, or any other part surrounding the sensor be forced or removed.
  1. Gently pry out the sensor

  • Apply a gentle force on the tool to pop the sensor out of its button connector socket. The gold-plated socket connector should remain on the headphone.
  • Note: very little force should be required to remove the sensor. If the sensor is difficult to remove, remove the tool and restart the process at a different angle.

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