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Focus sessions

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Focus Sessions are core to how Enowork tracks and improves your focus. Read on to learn how to make the most of your deep work sessions.

Focus Sessions

A Focus Session is a fixed period of time during which you deliberately choose to focus on a single task. The term was coined by Cal Newport in his book Deep work.

Enowork helps you bring deep work sessions into your schedule. During deep work sessions, Enowork will track your focus levels from Enophone, and your app usage from your computer. These metrics will help you compare sessions, and gain insights into how your productivity varies throughout the day.

To get the most out of Enophone, you should start a deep work session anytime you wear Enophone:

  1. Open the Enowork app

Click the Enowork icon, and log into your account. Click “Home” on the left side of the app to open the dashboard.

  1. Ensure your Enophone is streaming

Power on Enophone, and connect it to your computer in order to initiate streaming your brain data. There streaming indicated in the upper-middle of the dashboard should be green when Enophone is streaming.

  1. Click “start session”

Starting your session will take you to the deep work page. From there you can play/pause Enosound music, or choose your own music outside the Enowork app. Your brain and app usage data will automatically be stored during your session.

  1. Get to work!

Deep work sessions are for getting your best work done. Choose a single task you want to focus on, set your session length within Enowork, and then get to work!

  1. End your session, and review your stats

When your session ends, you’ll be prompted to label how you felt. This data helps us keep improving our analytics.

Clicking “continue to stats” will take you to the session page, where you can review your data!


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