ANC audio mode ANC audio mode

ANC audio mode

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ANC stands for Active Noise Cancellation.

Your Enophone has this feature to help reduce unwanted background noise. This allows you to avoid distractions, and pay more attention to the music being played on your Enophone. 

How can I turn on ANC on my Enophone?

It's very simple to activate ANC mode on Enophone!

When you power on your Enophne, ANC on is the default mode. If you are already using a different mode, follow these instructions to switch to ANC on:

  1. Double-click the middle button until you hear "ANC on".
  2. ANC will remain on until you decide to turn it off.

How can I turn off ANC on my Enophone?

If you want to turn off the ANC mode so you can hear the surrounding ambient noise, it's a piece of cake!

  1. Double-click the middle button until you hear "ANC off".

Once your turn ANC off, there will be no noise cancelling feature enabled.

Why should I use the ANC mode on my Enophone?

Working in a noisy environment? Need to block out your surroundings to really focus?

If you need to get your head down and focus on work, the ANC mode is going to help you focus and achieve your goal easier. It's also just nice if you want to hear your own music without other disturbing noises. Think of it as a "please do not disturb" message to the outside world.


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