Microphones and voice calls Microphones and voice calls

Microphones and voice calls

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Your Enophone has 6 built-in microphones: 4 for active noise cancelling, and 2 for voice calls. 

ANC Function

4 microphones are for the ANC function. They are located on the outside of each ear-cup, in addition to inside each one.

Click here to learn more about ANC on your Enophone.

Voice calling

2 microphones are dedicated explicitly to voice calls. Both are located on the right ear-cup: one next to the charging port, and the other on the outside of the ear-cup.

  • The 2 microphones for voice calls create a line towards your mouth. They use Qualcomm cVc Echo Cancelling and Noise Suppression Technology to give you even crisper, higher quality voice calls.

When your device starts a voice call or recording, Enophone will automatically switch to hands-free mode and transmit audio from the embedded microphones.

When the device ends the voice call, Enophone will automatically switch back to listening mode. If Enophone remains in hands-free mode, ensure that no app on your connected device is currently requesting microphone access from Enophone.

Note that operating Enophone in hands-free mode may negatively impact the ability to stream sensor data to the Eno app.


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