Enosound focus music Enosound focus music

Enosound focus music

Eno Eno

Enosound is a focus music engine designed uniquely for Enophone. Each track adapts in realtime to Enophone's sensor data, in order to create a personalized sound environment to help you focus on your work. 

How it works

Enosound is a music engine built into the Enowork app. Through the app, you can listen to several soundscapes designed by Eno's neuroscience team to help bring you towards a state of deep focus. 

Each track uses your focus data to customize the experience as you listen. Whenever your level of focus rises or falls, the soundscape changes to reflect your changing neural state. This unique experience offers the following benefits: 

  • Each time the music changes, your subconscious becomes more aware of your present neural state. This mindfulness exercise is known as Sustained Attention Training, and has been shown to improve focus by 75%. 

  • Because the music varies with your neural state, each listening experience is completely unique, and personalized. This allows you to listen to the same tracks hundreds of times without the ear fatigue that typically happens after multiple listens. 


How does Enosound's music change with my brain?

Eno's focus music was designed parametrically. This means that our algorithms can tune several parameters in real time, as you listen, to create changes in the soundscape. These parameters include the intensity of the music, the complexity, the warmth, the brightness, the amount of harmonies, and many more. 

You may consciously notice these changes as you listen to the melodies - when this happens, try to take a second and notice how you currently feel, and whether you are still focused on the task you intended. Treat this like a mindfulness exercise, using changes in the music as a prompt to re-focus on your task. 

You may also not notice any changes at all. This is alright - the sustained attention training will still work subconsciously, even if you are not aware of the notifications. 

How to use Enosound

Enosound can be accessed through the Enowork app. You can download the app by visiting our get started page

To access Enosound: 

  1. Open the Enowork app
  2. Begin a focus session by clicking the "start session" button, or start wearing Enophones
  3. Click the play button on the audio control
  4. Choose your current mood, which helps our algorithms tune the music to your mental state
  5. Select a track, and start focusing on your work! 

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