Can I change my shipping address? Can I change my shipping address?

Can I change my shipping address?

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If your Enophones have already shipped

If your Enophone has already been shipped, we are unable to change your shipping address once it is in transit.

If you are able, please coordinate with the current inhabitant of the shipping address used to receive your product on your behalf. 

In some cases, if you call the shipping company directly and share your tracking number, you may be able to request that they redirect the shipment to another location in the same country. Only the customer can request this change, Eno's support staff cannot. As this is often very time-sensitive, it's crucial that you reach out promptly. If you don't know which shipping company is handling your product, or if you don't know your tracking number, please reach out to with subject line "urgent - shipping". 

If you are unable to redirect your shipment, please reach out to our support team at Please note that there may be additional delays or costs associated with any solution offered by our team. 

If your Enophones have not yet shipped

If your Enophones have not yet shipped, you can change your shipping address anytime. 

If you ordered your Enophones very recently, please reach out to with subject line "urgent - shipping" so our team can quickly process the change before your product is shipped.

If you pre-ordered your Enophones and have not yet received them, please consult this article for next steps. 


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