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Enophone Return Policy

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Enophone's return policy is governed by Eno's Terms and Conditions. Please read the full terms for complete information. The following guidance does not supersede the Terms and Conditions. 

Orders made after June 1, 2022

Enophone orders are subject to a 30-day refund window, during which period customers can return their Enophone for a full refund of the product and shipping costs.

To initiate a refund, please reach out to hello@enophone.com on or prior to 30-days after having received your Enophone, with subject line "refund". Our support team will coordinate to return the product, and to refund the total amount to the credit card used to purchase the product. 

Any import duties, taxes, VATs, or other fees paid upon delivery are not included in this policy, and will not be refunded. 

Please note that returning Enophone will result in cancelling your Eno membership, which will remove access to the Eno app, Eno community, and any data stored. 

Orders made prior to June 1, 2022

Enophone does not offer returns on any Enophone pre-orders made prior to June 1, 2022. These pre-orders are considered to have been made as-is, with full knowledge of the risks associated with the product. These terms were described in our Terms and Conditions, and in the crowdfunding campaigns. 

For any additional questions, please reach out at hello@enophone.com.


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