Troubleshoot Enowork backend quit Troubleshoot Enowork backend quit

Troubleshoot Enowork backend quit

Eno Eno

The Eno app will crash when it encounters a series of steps that it is unable to face. This is usually due to a bug in the code, which our developers are working hard to patch with each new version. 

If you encounter an app crash, the following steps can help ensure that you get right back to tracking your mental fitness. 

  1. Verify that your operating system is compatible 

The Eno app is compatible with the following operating systems: 

  • Windows 10 and 11
  • MacOS 10.13 and later (Intel & Apple silicon)
  • Ubuntu 20.04 and later

See this article for more details.

  1. Download the latest version of the Eno app

We frequently release updates to the Eno app, patching issues that may have caused crashes in the past. 

You can download the latest version of Eno app at 

  1. Restart the Eno app 

Sometimes, simply restarting the app will fix the issue encountered. 

Please let us know at if you encounter a non-repeatable issue, so our developers can look into it nonetheless! 

  1. Restart your computer

When the Eno app crashes, it may leave behind stray processes that will interfere with a restart, resulting in multiple crashes in a row. 

To solve this, simply restart your computer. This will remove any background processes and allow you to open the app fresh. 

  1. Delete your .enowork folder 

In rare cases, a bug in Eno's system folders will carry over from one install to the next. Deleting your .enowork folder will allow you to install a fresh version of the Eno app, removing any of the previous version's issues. 

Note: deleting your .enowork folder will permanently remove any data that hasn't been synced with the cloud. If you are unsure, please rename the .enowork folder instead of deleting it to maintain a backup. 

See this article for instruction on deleting your .enowork folder. 


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