Status indicator stuck on red Status indicator stuck on red

Status indicator stuck on red

Eno Eno

The Eno app's status indicator helps identify whether your Enophone is connected and the sensor contact is adequate to track your mental fitness.

A red status indicator means that Enophone is streaming sensor data, however the sensor contact is insufficient to measure your mental fitness scores. This can occur because Enophone is off your head, or because the side sensors are not directly touching your skin. 

Side sensors vs top sensors

In order to create a better experience, the Eno app is designed to accommodate the use of only the two side sensors for most functions. When the two side sensors are positioned properly, the status indicator will turn green. 

See this article for more details. 

Upgrade your Eno app version

In older versions of the Eno app, the status indicator often mistakenly showed a red status indicator when it should have been black. 

For the best results, make sure to download the latest version of the Eno app from

How to ensure a good sensor contact

Enophone's sensors must make direct contact with your skin for the Eno app to accurately measure your mental fitness scores. The most common reason that the status indicator will stay red is that the contact between Enophone's sensors and your skin is blocked or inconsistent. 

These steps will help ensure Enophone's sensor contact is strong: 

  1. Make sure you're wearing your Enophone correctly

The way you wear Enophone can impact whether the side sensors properly touch your skin. 

See this article and follow the steps to make sure that your Enophone is positioned correctly. 

  1. Be patient while the sensors settle

It can take a few minutes of wearing your Enophone in the correct position to establish a good connection. Once you position Enophone, leave it still for several minutes to allow the sensors time to settle and make a strong contact. 

  1. Clean your skin with soap or alcohol

Natural skin oils can sometimes interfere with the sensor contact. Lightly cleaning the surface of your skin where the side sensors touch will allow a better connection. 

  1. Lightly dampen the sensors

If you still can't maintain a green status indicator, try applying a small amount of water to the side sensors via a damp cloth. This will allow the electrodes to make a stronger connection with your skin, leading to a more consistent sensor contact. 

Be very cautious to not apply too much water, as this risks damaging the electronics in Enophone. 


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