Status indicator stuck on black Status indicator stuck on black

Status indicator stuck on black

Eno Eno

A black status indicator means that Enophone is not connected to the Eno app. This can occur for several reasons. 

  1. Your computer's Bluetooth is turned off

See this article for more details. 

  1. Enophone is powered off, or disconnected from your computer

In order to stream sensor data to the Eno app, Enophone must be powered on and connected to your computer.

See this article to learn more about Enophone's button layout. 

See this article for information about pairing Enophone to your computer. 

  1. Enophone is connected to your computer, but disconnected from the Eno app

If your Enophone is connected to your computer and able to stream audio, but the Eno app reports a black status indicator, it means that the Eno app is unable to connect to Enophone's sensor data connection. 

See this article for more details. 


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