Access Computer Bluetooth settings Access Computer Bluetooth settings

Access Computer Bluetooth settings

Eno Eno

If you received the following message in the Eno app status bar, it’s because your computer’s Bluetooth is currently turned off. Here’s how to turn it back on to pair and connect your Enophone.

Note: If your Enophone is not yet paired to this computer, follow these instructions to pair your Enophone to a new device.



     1. Open system preferences

Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of your toolbar, and choose system preferences.


     2. Select Bluetooth


     3. Press the “Turn Bluetooth On” button


Now, your computer’s Bluetooth will be active, and ready to pair or connect to your Enophone.

If your Enophone is already paired, simply turn on the Enophone and it will automatically connect to your computer. If it does not connect automatically, wait until the device name appears and click "Connect" to initiate this connection. 

Windows 10

Coming soon.

Windows 11

Coming soon. 


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