Enophone Bluetooth unstable Enophone Bluetooth unstable

Enophone Bluetooth unstable

Eno Eno

If you receive the following message in the Eno app status bar, it’s because the connection between Eno app and Enophone is unstable.


This occurs when Enophone is successfully connected to the Eno app, but not all of the sensor data is being received. This makes it impossible for the Eno app to track your mental fitness scores. Here’s how to repair this connection and begin tracking your mental fitness.

  1. Ensure that your Enophone and computer are in range

A Bluetooth connection can become unstable when the two devices are too far apart from each other. Ensure that both devices are within 5m (15ft) of each other while in use, and that there are no obstructions between them.

  1. Try restarting Enophone, the Eno app, and your computer

Bluetooth connections can sometimes become unstable for unpredictable reasons. Restarting the device in question will often remedy the connection with no further changes.

  1. Ensure that Enophone is using the correct audio Bluetooth protocol

Bluetooth headpones and speakers use a standard high-quality audio Bluetooth protocol called A2DP to communicate with devices. During voice calls that require microphone access, a different lower-quality protocol is used called HFP. Enophone’s sensor data connection sometimes becomes unstable while HFP is active.

This article will explain how to switch from HFP to A2DP.

  1. Disconnect Enophone from additional devices

Enophone can connect simultaneously to two audio devices. Sometimes, using two devices in parallel will reduce Enophone’s bandwidth and result in an unstable sensor data connection.

Disconnecting Enophone from additional devices may resolve this issue. You can do so by opening your device’s settings, navigating to Bluetooth settings, selecting Enophone from the list, and clicking disconnect.

If you are unsure which devices are connected, you can also clear Enophone’s pairing list.

  1. Disconnect additional Bluetooth products from your computer

If several devices are connected to your computer, your computer’s Bluetooth chip may lack the bandwidth for a stable connection with Enophone’s sensor data. Disconnecting additional devices from your computer may improve the connection with Enophone.

To do so, open your computer’s system preferences, navigate to Bluetooth settings, selecting the connected devices from the list, and click disconnect. Powering off the connected Bluetooth devices will also achieve this goal.  

  1. Consider upgrading your computer’s Bluetooth chip

Many older desktop and laptop computers use very low-bandwidth Bluetooth chips. If your computer is older, you may consider upgrading the Bluetooth chip in your device.

The easiest way to do so is to purchase a USB Bluetooth adapter, which provides access to Bluetooth devices via your computer’s USB port. These can be purchased from several reputable retailers like CSR for less than $20.


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