Enophone environmental noise too high Enophone environmental noise too high

Enophone environmental noise too high

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If you receive the following message in the Eno app status bar, it’s because the environmental noise is too high for Enophone to properly measure your neural data.


This occurs when the electrical noise in your immediate environment causes Enophone’s sensors to rail, making it impossible to measure your neural data. Here is how you can reduce the impact of this noise.

  1. Ensure you are using Enophone indoors

Enophone was designed for use indoors, where the electrical noise profile is different. Enophone may be unable to attenuate noise sources while used outdoors.

  1. Ensure Enophone’s sensors make solid contact with your skin

When not touching your skin, Enophone’s sensors act as antennas, and become more sensitive to changes in environmental electrical noise. Wearing Enophone properly may mitigate the impacts of environmental noise.

This article will show how to ensure Enophone’s sensors make a strong contact.

  1. Remove any large sources of electrical noise from your environment

Large electrical devices often emit electrical noise that may interfere with the accuracy of Enophone’s sensors. While Enophone contains circuits aimed at reducing the impact of these noise sources, sometimes the noise can exceed Enophone’s capacity. Removing these noise sources from your immediate environment may remedy the noise issue.

Consider the following steps:

  • Unplug your laptop from the wall charger
  • Avoid any sources of static electricity, such as carpets or blankets
  • Turn off large emitters, such as high power light sources, motors, or home appliances
  1. Electrically ground your body before using Enophone

Throughout the day, your body may accumulate an electrical charge that can interfere with Enophone’s sensors. Grounding your body temporarily before using Enophone may mitigate the environmental noise issue.

Do so by touching any large metal object, to discharge any static electricity your body has accumulated.

IMPORTANT NOTE: interacting with the electrical ground of any appliance or building can be very dangerous, and is not advised under any circumstances.

  1. Wear Enophone for several minutes to see if the noise diminishes

Environmental electrical noise is often transient, and may dissipate naturally over time. Wearing Enophone for several minutes may remedy this issue naturally, at which point the Eno app will begin tracking your mental fitness automatically.

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