Are Enophone’s top sensors necessary Are Enophone’s top sensors necessary

Are Enophone’s top sensors necessary

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Enophone incorporates four brain sensors – two side sensors, and two top sensors. These sensors enable Enophone to track your mental fitness scores when worn.

Due to the nature of Enophone’s sensors, in some cases it may be difficult for users to maintain an adequate signal quality from all four sensors. In order to create a better experience, the Eno app is designed to accommodate the use of only the two side sensors for most functions.


When the two side sensors are positioned properly, the status indicator will turn green. If the status indicator is green, it means that all the necessary sensors are adequately setup, and the Eno app will automatically begin a session to track your mental fitness scores.

Hovering over the status indicator will demonstrate which sensors are currently in use. For tracking your mental fitness scores, only the side sensors are necessary. The top sensors may be left in place, or may be removed for comfort.


If you successfully position the top sensors, the status indicator’s hoverstate will reflect this change. This means that all 4 sensors are now being tracked, which may provide a more accurate result.


Future features that demand a higher sensitivity from the sensors will require that all four sensors be used. When these features are active, the status indicator will remain red until all four sensors are properly adjusted.


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