Enophone stuck in hands-free mode Enophone stuck in hands-free mode

Enophone stuck in hands-free mode

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Enophone uses two Bluetooth protocols to communicate audio streams:

  • A2DP – used for high quality audio
  • HFP – used for low quality audio in parallel with voice data

While HFP is useful to allow microphone data transmission during voice calls, the audio quality is inferior, and it may cause an unstable connection with the Eno app. As a result, when you aren’t in a voice call, it’s important to switch back to A2DP for optimal performance.

You can recognize if your device is in HFP by listening to music through the Enophone – A2DP will sound clear, while HFP will sound highly compressed and muffled. Most devices will automatically switch between A2DP and HFP when you enter and exit a voice call. However, in some cases, the device can become stuck in HFP.

Here is how to switch from HFP to A2DP on each platform.


  1. Ensure that no apps are requesting microphone access.

Enophone will switch to HFP when an app on the computer requests access to the microphone data. It is therefore important to close any app that is requesting microphone access, such as voice call or video recording platforms.

On MacOS 12 and beyond, a small orange indicator light in the top right of the toolbar will notify you if any apps are accessing microphone data.

If no app is requesting microphone data, then MacOS should automatically switch to A2DP for audio. If this does not occur, continue to step 2.

  1. Open system preferences and navigate to Sound preferences

Screen_Shot_2022-05-11_at_5.27.59_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2022-05-11_at_5.28.15_PM.png

You can access system preferences by clicking the small Apple icon at the top left of your toolbar.

  1. Navigate to the “Inputs” tab, and ensure Enophone is not selected

Selecting a different audio input for microphone data will ensure that Enophone’s microphone is not being used, which should automatically transition the connection from HFP to A2DP.

It is also useful to navigate to the “Output” tab and ensure that Enophone is selected as the primary audio output device.

  1. Optional: open a music player, and begin playing a song

Most music players will attempt to force the audio device into A2DP before playing. As a result, this is an easy way to ensure your Enophone is in A2DP. The Eno app’s audio player can be used in this way as well.

If these steps do not resolve the issue, please restart the Enophone, Eno app, and computer, and attempt the steps again.

Windows 10

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Windows 11

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