Checking Enophone's battery level Checking Enophone's battery level

Checking Enophone's battery level

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Your Enophone can undergo 12 hours of continuous usage with all functions active. Turning off Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) will also increase the battery life up to 20 hours. Battery life and charge cycles may vary.

Checking Enophone's battery level

Each time you power on Enophone, the battery level will be announced by the voice assistant. 

The battery status light will also indicate the battery level while active. The battery level may also be visible in compatible apps on your computer or mobile devices. 

Battery status light

Enophone battery level


Critical (<10%)


Low (<50%)


Medium to full (>50%)

Blinking yellow


Sleep mode

If your Enophone is disconnected from all devices for 5 minutes, it will automatically power off in order to save battery. 


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