Wired audio (AUX) Wired audio (AUX)

Wired audio (AUX)

Eno Eno

Enophone supports wired audio via AUX. Enophone does not support USB audio.


To listen to audio via wired connection, connect Enophone to the device via a standard AUX cable. 

While listening to wired audio via AUX, Enophone can be either powered On or Off. Powering on Enophone while connected through AUX will enable ANC On and Talk-through audio modes while listening. 

When an AUX cable is connected, Enophone will automatically enter airplane mode and disable all wireless communication. It is impossible to stream Enophone’s sensor data while an AUX cable is plugged into Enophone.

An AUX cable is provided in the accessories box, located inside Enophone's shipping box. 


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