Eno app for iOS and Android not available Eno app for iOS and Android not available

Eno app for iOS and Android not available

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The Eno app is not yet available for iOS or Android. While we fully intend to support these platforms, our team is prioritizing the Windows and MacOS apps to ensure that these experiences reach our high standard of quality. 

The Eno app is currently available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. You can download the app by visiting Enophone.com/getstarted

When we have a timeline to share about our future iOS and Android apps, we will do so through our monthly newsletter. You can subscribe at enophone.com, by entering your email into the prompt at the bottom of the page. 

Does Enophone work with iOS and Android? 

Yes, you can use your Enophone with iOS and Android devices to stream audio, participate in voice calls, and perform any other functions that you expect from a noise-cancelling headphone. 

The sensor data from Enophones will not be streamed to iOS and Android devices until the Eno app is made available on these platforms. 

Developers can however use the Enophone data API to stream data to iOS and Android devices, as this function is compatible with Enophone. 

iPhone notification: "Eno app is not available in your region"

Some iPhone users may received a message when they first pair Enophone to their device that "Eno app is not available in your region". This message is false - no Eno iOS app currently exists in any region. 

This message appears because Enophone contains an MFi chip, which Apple requires for devices that stream data to iPhones - Apple mistakenly assumes that because Enophone contains an MFi chip, that there must be an iOS app available. This chip was included so that Enophone will be compatible with our planned future iOS app. For now, you may ignore this message. 


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