Enophone stuck at border customs Enophone stuck at border customs

Enophone stuck at border customs

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If you ordered Enophone outside of Canada or the United States, your product will be shipped Delivered At Place (DAP), which requires that customers pay any import taxes, sales taxes, duties, VATs, or other fees before receiving the device.

Customers will be contacted by their country's local Customs Office to coordinate this payment. Failure to respond promptly will result in the Enophone being destroyed, or returned to sender, and may cause additional delays and costs. 

In order to avoid any issues with this process, please follow these steps: 

  1. Keep a close eye on your email (and the junk folder)

The most common way for your customs office to contact you is by email. Keep a close eye for any messages that may refer to the product shipment, to your tracking number, or to a requirement to pay import fees. 

If you receive an email but aren't sure that it's related to Enophone, feel free to forward it to hello@enophone.com and we will help confirm its validity. 

  1. Monitor your tracking information for any issues 

Using the tracking number sent to your email, keep a close eye on the product's journey from our warehouse to your destination. If for any reason the product stops providing updates for more than ~3-4 days, it is very likely that your product is currently at customs waiting for your response. 

  1. Proactively reach out to the shipping company, or to your local customs

If you think that the product may be at customs, your best action is to proactively contact them and see if the product has arrived. 

Sharing your tracking number with the shipping company or with your customs office will help them locate your product, and give an update on whether there are any fees to be paid. These agents will be able to describe the best way to process your payment. 

  1. Keep your proof of purchase at the ready 

The customs office may require a proof of purchase to validate that you ordered the product at the declared price. The order confirmation email is very often sufficient for this purpose, and can be shared with your shipping company or customs office if they request it. 

  1. Pay the required feed promptly 

Each country's customs office will have different policies about how long they hold orders awaiting customs payments. These durations are often very short, and by the time you receive notification you may have only a few days to process the payment. 

Be ready to process the payment as soon as you receive notice from the customs office, to avoid any additional delays. Late payments may result in the product being returned to sender, or being destroyed, which will cause additional delays and costs. 

  1. Reach out to hello@enophone if you have any questions

Our support team at hello@enophone.com has a direct line of communication with our fulfilment agency, and can answer any questions you may have. If you're unsure about the process, please reach out, and we will happily walk you through it. 


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