Troubleshoot Enophone Bluetooth issues Troubleshoot Enophone Bluetooth issues

Troubleshoot Enophone Bluetooth issues

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If you are having trouble connecting Enophone to your device or to the Enowork app, these steps will help you isolate and solve the problem. 

Please review the suggestions below, and reach out to if the issue persists. 

General troubleshooting 

Before following the troubleshooting below, please follow these steps, which alleviate the most common bluetooth problems. 

  1. Check that Enophone is fully charged. Plugging in Enophone should show a green battery indicator light. 
  2. Check that your computer's bluetooth is turned on. See this article
  3. Clear Enophone's pairing list. See this article
  4. Fully restart Enophone by plugging in the USB cable for 5 seconds. 
  5. Fully restart your phone or computer before attempting a new bluetooth connection. 
  6. Ensure that no USB or AUX cables are plugged into Enophone prior to connecting Bluetooth. If a cable is connected, Enophone will disable Bluetooth functionality. 

Can't pair Enophone to new device 

See this article for instructions on pairing Enophone to a new device.

  • Ensure that Enophone is in pairing mode prior to connecting to a new device. To put Enophone in pairing mode, press and hold the centre button [ o ] for 5 seconds while the device is off, until you hear "ready to pair another device". See this article
  • Ensure that your computer/phone's bluetooth is turned on. See this article
  • Enophone can pair to a maximum of 8 devices. See this article to reset your pairing list if you reach the maximum. 
  • Some computers and phones limit the number of connected or paired devices. Try unpairing or disconnecting any other Bluetooth devices from your computer/phone and see if this impacts Enophone's pairing. 

Enophone Bluetooth connection drops  

If Enophone's Bluetooth connection unexpectedly drops after being connected, this usually indicates that either Enophone or the computer/phone lack the bandwidth to support the connection. Because bandwidth demands vary slightly from device to device, this can depend on the circumstances. 

Please try the following: 

  • Try restarting Enophone and the connected device. This sometimes resolves transient bluetooth connectivity issues. 
  • Ensure that Enophone and the paired device are in close physical proximity (less than 5m apart). The signal strength will decrease if the devices are far apart, which may lead to a connection drop. 
  • Try clearing Enophone's pairing list (see this article), and then pairing to only one device. If this resolves the issue, it's likely that Enophone cannot support the bandwidth to simultaneously connect to all the previously paired devices. 
  • Try disconnecting or unpairing any other Bluetooth devices connected to your computer/phone, and then pair only Enophone. If this resolves the issue, it's likely that your device cannot support all of the bluetooth devices connected simultaneously.  

Enophone connects to computer, but not to Enowork app  

The Enowork app connects to Enophone via a Bluetooth socket that is separate from the audio connection. If Enophone successfully connects to your computer, but not to the Enowork app, try the following: 

  • Try restarting Enophone, the Enowork app, and your computer. This very often resolves transient bluetooth connectivity issues. 
  • Ensure your device is not running MacOS Monterey 12.0.x through 12.2.x. This version of MacOS contains a known bug that interferes with Enophone's Bluetooth connection. Upgrading to MacOS 12.3 or beyond will resolve this. 
  • Ensure you are running the latest version of the Enowork app. You can download the latest version at 
  • Ensure Enophone is not in hands-free mode (for voice calls) while it is connecting to the Enowork app, as this can interfere with the sensor data stream. See this article to get Enophone out of hands-free mode. 
  • Try disconnecting Enophone from any other paired devices, as supporting multiple connections may interfere with the sensor data stream.  
  • Ensure that your Enophone's bluetooth ID is named "enophone", as changing this may prevent the Enowork app from locating the device. Unpairing and reconnecting Enophone from your computer will reset this. 
  • Hover your mouse over the status indicator in the Enowork app, and click "more details" to see instructions specific to your scenario. 

Enophone audio issues 

See our Troubleshoot Enophone Audio issues article for more details.


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