Logging in Troubles Logging in Troubles

Logging in Troubles

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For any issues you may have while logging in, or in instances when your Eno App does not advance to the next page after entering your username and password, please follow these easy troubleshooting steps.


Ensure your operating system and Eno App are updated


As many bugs have been resolved in the newest Eno App updates, start by ensuring your software is updated!

  1. Update your Eno App to the newest version here.
  2. Make sure your computer’s operating system is updated to its latest version.


Fully restart your computer


Once you have ensured your operating systems are updated, continue by:

  1. Restarting your Eno App as simply restarting your Eno App can resolve most issues.
  2. Restart your computer. When the Eno App crashes, it can sometimes leave stray processes behind that result in interfering with restarting your Eno App and thus lead to multiple crashes in a row. By restarting your computer, you will successfully remove any lingering background processes that may get in the way of your Eno App running smoothly.


Delete your .enowork folder


In some rare cases, Eno’s system folders contain and carry over a bug from one install to the next. By deleting your .enowork folder, you will ensure that you can install a fresh version of the Eno App without any previous version issues.


However, please note that deleting your .enowork folder will permanently remove any data that has not been synced with the cloud. If you are unsure, please rename the .enowork folder instead of deleting it to maintain a backup.


Please follow the steps in this article to successfully delete your .enowork folder on your computer.


For more questions and if your issues have not resolved, contact support@enophone.com!

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