Status indicator stuck on orange Status indicator stuck on orange

Status indicator stuck on orange

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An orange status indicator means that Enophone's sensor data is too unstable to calculate your mental fitness scores. This will often stabilize on it's own after 5-10 seconds. 


If an orange sensor indicator persists, the following suggestions may help improve the sensor contact. 

  1. Remain still for 30 seconds

Enophone's sensors are very sensitive to movement, which will cause the sensor data to become temporarily unstable. Before trying to reposition Enophone, remain still for up to 30 seconds to allow the sensors time to stabilize. 

  1. Reposition Enophone's side sensors 

The way you wear Enophone can impact whether the side sensors properly touch your skin. 

See this article and follow the steps to make sure that your Enophone is positioned correctly. 

  1. Clean your skin with soap or alcohol

Natural skin oils can sometimes interfere with the sensor contact. Lightly cleaning the surface of your skin where the side sensors touch will allow a better connection. 

  1. Lightly dampen the sensors

If you still can't maintain a green status indicator, try applying a small amount of water to the side sensors via a damp cloth. This will allow the electrodes to make a stronger connection with your skin, leading to a more consistent sensor contact. 

  1. Contact Eno's customer support

If the issue persists, please reach out to Eno's customer support by emailing, or via this form.

You can also speed up the diagnostic process by following these steps to send Eno diagnostic data from your Enophone. 


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